In the fall of 2015, several brethren felt a call to launch a distinctly new, Anabaptist magazine. After much discussion and prayer and labor, the final work to Issue 1 was completed the end of April 2016 with printing and mailing the print version the first part of May 2016.

We plan to release 4 Issues per year, once per quarter (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter). Our goal is to make this magazine available in a number of different formats, as outlined below.

  1. There will be the traditional print magazine. You can go to our Contact page and fill out the Subscription Form to get on the mailing list.
  2. We will also distribute an electronic .PDF version of the magazine to you, if you fill out the Subscription Form and request your copy via email.
  3. Each article will also be published on this website in blog format on the Articles page. This allows people to interact with each other and the author in the comments section.
  4. As time and talent permits, we will record an audio transcript of each article and post it on the Audio page. You can listen right there or download it to listen later.

Visit Print page to download a .PDF of any of the past issues, the About page to read our vision, purpose and statements of belief, and the Contact page if you wish to donate resources or share your input.

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family.