Introduction: In the fall of 2015, several brethren felt a call to launch a distinctly new, Anabaptist magazine. One key idea was an agreed focus on principles and not principals; the “what” and “why” and not the “who”. The following statements give an outline of that “what” and “why”; if you wish for more information, you can send us questions by using the contact page on this website. Thank you!

Our Purpose Statement: To interpret Bible truth in a simple childlike way, and to apply Bible teaching to the lives of living saints in a practical manner.

The Tone: The tone of the magazine shall be positive in that: it presents the right way when it decries the wrong way, and it presents the truth when it warns of the untruth. Our motto shall be the words of Isaiah 30:21, which says,

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand  Or whenever you turn to the left.

The Audience: The primary target audience would be anyone associated with an Anabaptist church.  We define an Anabaptist church as one that practices a believer’s baptism, maintains separation from the world, and is seeking to live out the New Testament teachings of Christ and the Apostles.  Our aim is to reach a broad constituency such as that served by Christian Aid Ministries. The secondary target audience would be those not familiar with Anabaptist churches, but are searching the Scriptures for truth.

The Goal: To reinforce Christ’s call to forsake the world and be a loyal citizen of Christ’s heavenly kingdom.  Many people have not heard how Scripture is meant to be understood and applied in a simple, childlike faith. The aim is that Anabaptist Voice would stir all who read it to a greater kingdom awareness and a greater desire to obey Christ in all things.

The Distribution: We want to send Anabaptist Voice in bulk to as many churches as will receive and distribute it. Personal subscriptions are also available; please let us know. We will seek to enlarge the mailing list as the Lord gives direction and means. We are beginning with an initial printing of 5,000 copies and hope to double that in time. Anabaptist Voice will begin as a quarterly publication. If there is sufficient reader response and plenty of quality, original material, we will publish more frequently (as funds allow and the Lord directs).

The Finances: Anabaptist Voice will be open to all who desire to receive it without any paid subscription.  Donations will be accepted by those who wish to support the work.  A few brethren have committed to initially support Anabaptist Voice and to provide the financial backing needed so this project can be carried out.  In addition to the expense of printing and mailing Anabaptist Voice, the editor and his staff will be reimbursed for their time as needed. To assure an informed supporter base, after the first issue is complete, each successive issue will contain a statement giving the number of copies printed and distributed, the total costs for the previous issue, and the amount of any donations that have come in.

The Format: The editor will be responsible for selecting articles and choosing the proper format for Anabaptist Voice.

The Organization: A minimum amount of structure in the organization will permit operating efficiently without undue restrictions.  We will begin with three brethren responsible for choosing an editor and then serving as counselors to the editor. The editor will be responsible for assuring the magazine adheres to the stated purpose and will be responsible for overall content, securing writers, and proper copy editing.  The editor will also be responsible for hiring assistants as needed.

Our Statement of Beliefs:

For the purpose of publishing Anabaptist Voice, we are in agreement on the following points.  We believe:

  1. In the 23 articles listed in the Christian Aid Ministries Statement of Faith (available upon request from CAM or at www.christianaidministries.org).
  2. The kingdom of God is now in effect on the earth (Matthew 5-7), and will be more fully experienced in a future state in the presence of God (Revelation 4).
  3. The whole world outside the kingdom of God lies under the sway of Satan (1 John 5:19).
  4. God’s “New Covenant” with the people of God (the church) changes God’s “Old Covenant” with the Israelites (Hebrews 8).
  5. The Bible can and should be understood and put into practice (Matthew 7:24).
  6. The church is to be a holy people who call all the ungodly to repentance, self-surrender, and obedience to King Jesus. (1 Peter 2:9)