Issue #8 has been printed and mailed!

AV Issue #8 has been printed and mailed, you should soon receive your copy if you haven’t already. If you want an electronic version, you can download it right here!

The mailing list from this issue has been reduced to requested subscriptions only. If you received the magazine in the past but have not gotten this issue, it is because we do not have your name on our subscribed mailing list. If you wish to receive the magazine, please submit a subscription request by going to the Contact page and filling out the subscription form.

Thank you!

Issue #7 sent to print.

AV Issue #7 has been sent to printers and should go out via mail in the next week. You can download it right here and get a start on reading if you wish!

After this issue, we may be whittling down the mailing list to only include those who have requested a subscription. If you want to be sure to continue receiving Anabaptist Voice, please make sure to submit a subscription request as soon as possible. To do so, go to the Contact page and fill out the subscription form.

Update, 11/20/2016

Issues #2 & #3 have been printed and distributed since the update on Issue #1. These last two issues featured an increase in page count, from 36 pages to 44 pages, and Issue #3 featured an increased print count as well, from 5,000 to 5,250.

If you wish to drop a note, subscribe, unsubscribe, donate or volunteer, please visit our Contact page. Thank you!

Issue #1 Complete

Issue #1 has been mailed to our “blast” mailing list. This blast mailing was done by compiling names and addresses from various sources and sending Issue #1 out unsolicited. We may do this “blast” mailing once or twice more…

Please remember this: just because you received Anabaptist Voice once, does not mean you will receive it again. If you wish to be on the permanent mailing list, please contact us. Otherwise, you may not continue to receive this magazine.

If you would like to receive additional copies of each mailing to pass out to friends, family and co-workers, please let us know. We would love to have you help with distribution in this way, it will keep our costs as low as possible.

Thank you!

Visiting AIC 2016 in Berlin, OH

Anabaptist Voice will be at the Anabaptist Identity Conference 2016 near Berlin, OH from March 10-12th, 2016. We will have sample issues for your perusal and response forms to fill out; the goal of these samples and response forms is to gather comments/tips/advice/help from the Anabaptist community about our goals and vision.

If you wish to view the sample issue now, you can download it here. If you wish to provide feedback, you can visit our Contact page.

Thank you!