The Practical Side: Introduction

from Volume 1, April 2016, page # 30


The story goes that President Calvin Coolidge went to church one Sunday while his wife remained at home. After he returned home from the service, his wife asked, “What did the preacher preach about?”

“Sin,” the President replied.

Wishing to enlarge on the conversation, his wife asked, “Well, what did he say about sin?”

“He was against it,” was the only answer his wife got out of him.

This is common in many pulpits. Preachers can preach against sin and people know they are against it. But it is all couched in language that does not condemn specific sins. It is when someone begins to name specific sins that the fur flies. This is the practical side where Anabaptist Voice wishes to continue the Anabaptist practice of putting the gospel in street clothes.

It is our hope to make “The Practical Side” a recurring column; highlighting real life situations that will spark many responses and generate material for future articles.


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