The Planting of an Anabaptist Church: Nova Scotia

from Issue #1, April 2016, page # 14

by: Galen Weber

Editorial Note: Galen Weber of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada wrote a 50-page history of the Lighthouse Mennonite Church. Recognizing Galen’s powerful choice of words and keen insights, I asked Galen if he would write an account of one of the New Testament churches, and then a shorter version of the Lighthouse Mennonite Church story (2000 words).

Galen’s Response: “Thank you for the research/writing assignment. I intend to take it up. Mark you, however, the last glorious article I produced was rejected, without comment, by the editor.”

Writing Challenge to the Readers: Write the story of an Anabaptist church that you know personally, and share it with the readers of Anabaptist Voice. Pictures could be included.

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