A Character Sketch: William Tyndale

from Issue #1, April 2016, page # 22

by Alice I. Brewer

This article is located at www.tyndalearchive.com and adapted for use here. -AV

To a 15th-century farmer, the Bible was just a big book full of unreadable words and made-up rules. This was because priests in those times insisted on the Bible being in Latin. They said the Bible was a holy book, and not just any peasant should be allowed to read it. Really, they wanted it to be in a language only they could understand so they could make up a bunch of laws to suit themselves. In that way they could get away with it by saying “It says so in the Bible.” They thought no one would ever know different, and no one would ever try and reveal the truth. Then God raised up William Tyndale.
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